Episode 3: The white supremacy episode

2017 might just be the year where mainstream Canada reckons with white supremacy — or maybe not. From Justin Trudeau being a white supremacist to marches promoting hatred happening across Canada, Sandy and Nora make the necessary connections of these flashpoint events to broader systems and structures of white supremacy. With M103, the anti-Islamophobia motion soon to be debated in the House of Commons, it’s critical to understand this debate in the context of white supremacy.

The White Supremacy episode: from “should I punch a Nazi?” to: “here are the range of ways to disrupt, bother and challenge Nazis in the streets”

One thought on “Episode 3: The white supremacy episode

  1. Stop conflating the word “Nazi” with Conservative or anyone right of centre. Unless one is a member of the National Socialist Party (which no longer exists), one cannot be called a Nazi. That is equivalent to calling a Christian extremist a “Crusader”. It makes no sense and quite frankly such irresponsible use of the term is offensive to Jewish people as it belittles their experience at the hands of actual Nazis.

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